Executive Leadership

Asia Cargo Network Air Freight Marco Isaak Group CEO

Marco Isaak

Marco Isaak is a Singapore-born entrepreneur. He is the majority shareholder of all the companies within the Asia Cargo Network Group, including three cargo airlines in Indonesia and Malaysia.

An enterprising businessman he is actively involved in all areas of logistics and has diversified his business portfolio to include property development, as well as music and entertainment. Currently his multinational ventures dominate the Southeast Asian region, with the potential for further expansion.

Marco also has a passion for and is actively involved in fast super cars activities in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Asia Cargo Network Group Zack Isaak air cargo carrier

Zack Isaak

Zack Isaak joined the Asia Cargo Network Group in 2016 after obtaining his commercial pilots licence in the US state of California.

Initially based in Papua, the eastern front of Indonesia, Zack spent a year managing both aircraft and commercial operations for Asia Cargo Airlines in that market. Despite the challenging conditions, he played an instrumental role in the growth of the business, and was transferred to their Indonesian headquarters in Jakarta to head up local market activities.

Over the years, Zack’s remit has expanded to spearhead Asia Cargo Network Singapore alongside Asia Cargo Airlines Indonesia where has been responsible for the strategic growth of the organisation which now operates 10 aircraft across 54 routes in 46 markets.

Zack is also accountable for maintenance and crew operations, and has been able to minimise costs, and maximise yields resulting in major profits for the company. He has also designed patents, route flows and connectivity, whilst managing commercial contracts and building on customer acquisition. As of January 2021, Zack has increased sales by three-fold year on year.

In late 2021, he was appointed President of the newly formed Black Stone Airlines based out of Indonesia, where he has already implemented his vision to enter the China and India markets marking a major milestone for the Asia Cargo Network Group.

Asia Cargo Network Group Iman Marco

Iman Marco

In 2018, Iman was appointed Group Chief Operating Officer of Asia Cargo Network to lead its ongoing administration and operations. He is primarily responsible in securing the efficiency and functionality of the business, and drive sustainable company growth.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) degree in the University of Exeter (UK), Iman’s legal background enables him to readily grasp and manage diverse departments within the Group. Iman comes from a family background with over 20 years of experience in the air cargo and logistics industry.

Iman is the CEO of Asia Cargo Network Malaysia and World Cargo Airlines. He was previously the Chief Financial Officer of subsidiary World Cargo Airlines, leading financial planning and cost control. He held key roles in the Group’s majority stake acquisition of WCA and was instrumental in the purchase of its latest B737-400F Aircraft ‘9M-POS’ and B737-800BCF Aircraft ‘9M-WCA’ taking lead in its corporate, legal and financial exercise.

Additionally, Iman supports the Group CEO, Marco Isaak in implementing business-corporate strategies and establishing policies that promote the Group culture and vision.

Asia Cargo Network Group Sakinah Marco

Sakinah Isaak

Sakinah Marco, is the Chief Financial Officer of the ACN group of companies in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Sakinah joined the group in 2013, after graduating with a business degree from Monash University, majoring in Accounting, Finance and e-Business. She is the PIC for all financial and accounting matters of the companies within the Group, whilst also having an in-depth involvement of commercial and business activities of the Group.

Fuad Bafana

Ali Bin Abu Bakar Bafana or Fuad Bafana as he is affectionately known is a well-respected figure in the air cargo logistics business in the ASEAN region.

Although a Singaporean and married with four adult children, he has spent the majority of his working years in Indonesia and Malaysia, first starting off in the timber industry in Indonesia before joining DHL Global in Singapore where he gained extensive experience in cargo and logistics operations.

Thereafter, he joined Neptune Air as a Station Manager at Senai Airport between 2011 to 2014. In 2014, because of his stellar performance at Neptune, he was approached and invited to join Tri-MG Intra Asia Airlines as its General Manager.

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